Ep6 - The Silent Forests of Guam with Haldre Rogers

Around the world, wildlife is in decline. We know that animals play important roles in their environments, but it’s often difficult to know how exactly the natural world would change if any particular type of wildlife no longer existed. 

In this episode, Scott speaks with Dr. Haldre Rogers, an ecologist working on the island of Guam, where invasive snakes have eliminated nearly all of the island’s native birds. By comparing the forests on Guam with forests on nearby islands that still have birds, Dr. Rogers’ work is helping reveal the importance of birds in the Mariana Islands and elsewhere. 

Dr. Rogers is also an avid rugby player who helped establish Guam’s first female rugby team. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech University. 

Video courtesy of Haldre Rogers

Haldre Rogers playing rugby in Guam in 2003. Photo courtesy of Haldre Rogers

Learn more about Haldre Rogers’ research at https://www.haldre.org

To see photos and hear records of the calls of the native forest birds of Guam and the Mariana Islands, visit: https://www.guampedia.com/a-native-forest-birds-of-guam

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