Ep4 - Investigating Moorea's Coral Reefs with Adrienne Correa

Corals– tiny animals that form structures so large they can be seen from space– provide food and habitat for a quarter of all marine life. Half a billion people worldwide depend on coral reef ecosystems for their food and livelihood. Yet, corals worldwide are facing unprecedented threats.

Marine ecologist Dr. Adrienne Correa is studying corals in the waters around the South Pacific island of Moorea. Through her research, she hopes to better understand how corals form symbiotic relationships with algae and other microscopic organisms that affect their survival. 

Scott speaks with Dr. Correa during her research expedition to this remote South Pacific Island, where she witnessed incredible natural phenomena and gained new insights into corals and their symbiotic partners.

Correa Lab: owlnet.rice.edu/~ac53/

 @adriennescorrea and @correalab

Gump Research Station: moorea.berkeley.edu

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